Powerful middle and back-office to turbo charge your risk operations.

We work tirelessly to ensure that you have timely and accurate actionable information on your insurance business.

Annuity Data Platform

Derivative Data

Our Derivative Data Management platform will completely de-risk your derivative operations. From raw trade confirms, to valuations, to detailed risk reports, our platform will manage everything.

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Experience Analysis Policyholder Behavior Analysis

Policyholder Behavior

Tune into your experience data. Let us help you leverage your data to optimize your Products and grow faster.

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option valuation

Option Prices

Be it custom indices or exotic payoffs- you need custom prices. Use accurate option prices to set your hedge budgets.

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Hedging Toolset

Best-in-class Hedging Toolset and Order Management System built specifically for annuity and IUL hedging.

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Life Insurance Risk Analysis Dashboard

Risk Reports and Dashboards

Read every risk metric. See from every viewpoint. Derive actionable insights.

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economic scenario generator

Economic Scenario Generator

Powerful ESG to generate risk-neutral scenarios for equity, interest rates and credit, that are calibrated to the highest quality market data.

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Easy to use is
better for business continuity

We guarantee that you won't have to 'train your staff' to use our toolset. It is that easy to use.

No manuals necessary

No need to maintain complicated manuals or how-to guides. You are 100% productive from day 1.

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Our relentless focus on life and annuity
data is your edge.

  • Our deep expertise helps you uncover hidden risks. 
  • Comprehensive viewpoints for 360° risk analysis.
  • Customized to your management style. 

Future Proof

We make sure that our data platform is ready for the latest life and annuity products. Launch new products with full confidence and ease.

Serving Life Insurers, Reinsurers and Asset Managers

credit rates for annuities

High precision in setting credited (interest) rates and option budgets.

No ball-park estimates. Know exactly why, and by how much, you need to change the option budget for each product and line of business.

The Annuity Risk Advantage


Hedge ProgramTARA Suite

Hedging Program

Fully Managed Hedging Program /
Fully Managed Hedging Program /
  • It knows what to hedge
  • Intelligent Order Management System
  • Automatic OTC Trade Ticket Generation
  • Policy Level Hedge Tracking
  • Static / Dynamic Hedging
  • Pre and Post Hedge Risk Analytics
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TARA Suite

Toolset for Actuarial Risk Analysis /
Toolset for Actuarial Risk Analysis /
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Derivative Data Platform

Full Suite of Risk Analytics

Pre and Post Hedge Reporting

Hedge Effectiveness Reporting

Option Budget Management

Experience Analysis

Full Customization

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