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In the life insurance and annuity market, innovation is key to survival for new and smaller players. But how can insurers drive product development when their life insurance and annuity data is trapped in a tangled web of complexity? 

Here at Annuity Risk, we hear time and again: “Yes, this is a brilliant product design but IT won’t allow it because our systems are not capable of handling this type of data.”

The complexity of life and annuity data has become the biggest hurdle to innovation.

Annuity and life insurance policies tend to be very feature-rich, and having access to accurate and comprehensive data is crucial. That’s precisely our proprietary data platform is – a reliable and powerful solution designed to be the single source of truth for all your policy, asset, and derivative (hedge) data. 

Here, we will delve into the unique features and benefits of our data platform, showcasing how it can revolutionize the way you interpret your customer experience, fine-tune your products and drive organic growth in new business, and maximize retention of renewal business.

A Solid Foundation: Built for the Life Insurance Industry

At the heart of our data platform lies a robust and highly extensible data schema built from the ground up for annuity and life insurance data, keeping in mind the various analytical challenges in financial valuation, and econometric and actuarial risk analyses. From detailed policy rider information to asset cash flows and tranches, our platform ensures that you can access your data in full detail, eliminating any ambiguity or uncertainty. We employ rigorous data quality checks and cutting-edge technology to maintain data integrity, providing you with the confidence you need to make critical decisions.

Pre-Built Analytics: Informed Decision-Making in Seconds

We know that time is of the essence, especially in the financial industry. Often the window of action has passed by the time analysis is presented to decision makers. That’s why our data platform goes a step further by providing pre-built analyses, ready for your use. These pre-built analytics are designed by industry experts, blending the power of data science with advanced financial valuation and econometric risk analysis principles. 

It is not a shortcut by any means. It is our hard work and thousands of hours of experience with global life insurance data.
Life Insurance and Annuity Database

Gold Standard: The data quality you need for effective decision-making

We have established Six Sigma processes for data cleansing, validation, and reconciliation. Poor quality of data will break the very spirit of your data science team. No amount of AI can help when the already limited and sparse annuity data is riddled with disparities. Let us help you leverage our data platform to empower your data science and decision-making team.

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