We organize and manage your policy and hedge data

The complexity of life insurance and annuity data is the #1 hurdle to product innovation. Unleash your team’s full potential by unburdening them from the task of managing derivative data.

Extract your policy or hedge data in excel and other tabular formats and run any complex analytics that you desire.

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specialized database

Unburden yourself from derivative data management

Let us help you bring your focus back to innovating and competing. We clean up and organize your policy and hedge (derivative) data. Actionable insight is your end goal, not clean data. Let us help you clean up your data so that you can achieve insights faster.

The Annuity Risk Advantage

Our Risk Analytics Tools

Easy to Use

You won't even have to learn to use our toolset- it is that easy to use.

Best In Class

Turn your team into a super team by giving them best-in-class risk analytics. So that they can focus on inference and decision making instead of gathering and processing data.

Order Management System

Our super specialized Order Management System is built from the ground up for hedging Annuities and Indexed Universal Life Insurance policies.

Fully Customized

We customize our toolset to your product suite, management style and risk management process.

Very Low Cost

Our very low-cost implementation is another way for us to show our commitment to the life insurance industry.

Active Liability Management

For active risk managers, we provide live, up-to-the minute updates on your derivative book's risk.

Derivatives and Hedging

Hedge Accounting

Let us save you big money by implementing hedge accounting for your embedded derivatives (annuity/life), variable rate assets (loans, mortgages) or FX portfolio.

De-risk your derivative program now

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