Zero hassle onboarding

To get your company onboarded, we need policy information from any one source, such as policy admin system. We also need your derivative (hedge) data. That is all the data we need to run your risk analytics.


Instant access to all your data

More than 90% of your analysts' time is spent on the task of 'cleaning up the data'. That leaves little time and motivation to pursue the much more valuable step of 'analysis and inference'. Now, you can use our platform to transform, annotate and download your policy data so that your analysts can go straight to statistical and actuarial analysis.


Extreme customization

We know that your product suite and management style is unique. And so, we customize every tool and report to suit your business. And, we train your staff to help you extract maximum value from our product suite and services.


No implementation fee or data fee

We do not charge you for market data. We do not charge any implementation fee. You pay only after your data starts flowing through our platform. You will choose the delivery schedule.


Monthly billing means zero risk for you

Quite simply, we completely remove your risk of upfront investment. Monthly billing guarantees our commitment to the highest quality in customer service.


Customer Support 24x6

Our actuarial staff will pick up the call or reply to your email. Not some AI chatbot or customer rep.


Full controlled access

Selective access privileges are set up individually for different team members based on their roles. So, no one else sees what is meant for your eyes only.

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