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The Annuity Risk Advantage

Derivative Data

Let our Derivative Data Management platform completely de-risk your derivative operations.

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Option Pricing

Be it custom indices or exotic payoffs- you need custom prices. Use accurate option prices to set your hedge budgets.

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Risk Reports and Dashboards

Read every risk metric. See from every viewpoint. Derive actionable insights.

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Policyholder Behavior

Tune into your experience data. Let us help you leverage your data to optimize your Products and grow faster.

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Hedging Program

Best-in-class Hedging Toolset and Order Management System built specifically for Annuity and IUL hedging.

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Hedge Accounting

Consider high hedge effectiveness as your first line of defense. We help you achieve high hedge effectiveness and maintain it.

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Economic Scenario Generator

Risk neutral scenarios for equity, interest rates and credit risk.

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Rates Setting Program

Set rates and option budgets for dozens of product lines with high precision.

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annuity risk data security

One single source of truth for your policy and derivative data

Our highly secure data platform stores your entire actuarial (policy) and derivative data in full detail, making it easy for you to run your proprietary analytics. We reconcile your derivative data against counterparty records, which means that there will be no errors, duplicates or omissions.

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Delivered ready-to-use.

You don't need to hire quants, actuaries, database admins or software professionals to set up or run our apps. Our toolset is delivered ready-to-use.

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Unlock your time, unlock your team.

We dramatically reduce your burden of financial reporting. We free up your team's resources to let the focus on the business.

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Fully customized

Our applications and reporting are fully customized to your product suite, business goals and management style.

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Common Questions

01. What does Annuity Risk do?

Primarily, we provide a SaaS toolset that is used by risk managers and actuaries at insurance companies to measure and manage the actuarial and financial risk of annuity and life insurance businesses. Secondarily, we provide assistance with hedging risks emanating from interest rates and other market movements.

02. How can I get a demo of the toolset and services provided by Annuity Risk?

To ask for a demo, please send an email to info@annuityrisk.com from your corporate email address.

03. What type of annuities are covered by Annuity Risk?

We provide a full suite of tools and analytics for fixed and indexed annuities. In addition to annuities, we also provide detailed risk analytics for structured settlements, and many life insurance products.

04. Does Annuity Risk provide toolsets and analytics for life insurance?

Yes, we provide a whole suite of toolsets and risk analytics for life insurance and structured settlements, in addition to annuities. Our focus on life and annuity risk is our primary edge.

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