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Risk Reports and Dashboards

Powerful, highly detailed and transparent risk and regulatory reporting

Policyholder Behavior

Introduction Policyholders make decisions regarding the exercise of benefits and guarantees within their contracts. Insurers can gather all such data, in addition to choices policyholders make related to the purchase and utilization of their policies. Insurers can also obtain data...

hedging program for annuities and life insurance

Hedging Program

Hedging Program focused on Indexed Annuities, MYGAs and IUL.

annuity and life insurance database

Economic Scenario Generators

At Annuity Risk, we offer a state-of-the-art Economic Scenario Generator that produces market consistent and risk neutral scenarios for equities, risk-free interest rates, and corporate bond rates. Our ESG can model correlations between economic variables comprehensively and accurately. Moreover, we...

Option Pricing

Annuity Risk helps you obtain accurate hedge purchase costs, no matter how complex the derivative is.

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